When To Take Moka Pot Off The Heat? (Get The Perfect Brew!)

When to take Moka pot off the heat

Moka Pots are known for making intense coffee similar to espresso. But because they’re stovetop brewers, it can be hard to know when to take Moka Pot off the heat for the best results.

In general, Moka Pots should be removed from the heat source immediately when it begins to make a gurgling or sputtering sound. This noise indicates that steam is being forced through the coffee grounds, which will overheat them and result in your coffee having a burnt and bitter taste.

But depending on the type of stove you’re using, there are different methods you can use to keep your Moka Pot coffee from overheating.

When To Take Moka Pot Off The Heat?

The purpose of knowing when to remove your Moka Pot from the heat is to keep your coffee from burning. And the rule of thumb is to take your Moka Pot off the heat once it starts gurgling.

This gurgling sound means that most of the water has been pushed into the top chamber, and now steam is making its way through the coffee grounds.

Since steam is hotter than the optimum brewing temperature, it will overheat your coffee and result in a strong bitter flavor. (Optimum brewing temperature is between 195°F and 205°F according to the SCAA)

Ideally, you would remove your Moka Pot from the heat right before it starts gurgling. But that would require you to anticipate the exact moment steam starts to make its way up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess! We’ve got a few techniques you can try to make sure your coffee doesn’t burn.

when to take Moka pot off of heat

Lift your Moka Pot A Few Centimeters Off The Heat Source

Once a significant amount of coffee is collected in the Moka Pot’s top chamber lift the coffee maker a few centimeters above the heat source.

This technique will lower the temperature and pressure in your Moka Pot, which will force the water to come out at a slower rate.

You’ll notice that the gurgling will be greatly reduced depending on how high you hold your coffee maker above the heat. And importantly, your coffee is much less likely to burn.

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Put The Moka Pot To The Very Edge Of The Eye

Instead of removing your Moka Pot from the heat at the right moment, try putting it on the very edge of the heat source. (This only works with certain types of stoves)

By doing this you’ll reduce the heat and pressure inside your Moka Pot, which will force the coffee to brew slower.

If you hear gurgling, remove the Moka Pot. But with this technique, you won’t have to worry too much about burning your coffee.

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Turn Off The Eye And Let The Moka Pot Use The Remaining Heat

This method works if your stovetop retains heat for a while after you’ve turned it off. Once the coffee starts to collect in the top of your Moka Pot, turn the heat down low or even off completely.

Even without additional power, the heating element will stay hot enough for the coffee to continue brewing. But it won’t be hot enough to create the aggressive gurgling that burns your coffee.

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How Long Does It Take To Brew In A Moka Pot?

In general, a Moka Pot will brew coffee in about 3 to 5 minutes. The difference in brewing time comes down to your heat source, the size of your Moka Pot, and the temperature of the water you use.

Because there are a few variables involved, we can’t tell you to remove your Moka Pot from the heat after a specific number of minutes.

However, we ran a few experiments, using different water temperatures, to see how long it took our Moka Pot to brew. (Check out our post “Should You Use Hot Or Cold Water In A Moka Pot” to learn more.)

  • When using hot water, our Moka Pot was done in just under three minutes.
  • With room temperature water the Moka Pot took about 5 and a half minutes.
  • And with cold water it took just over 6 minutes.

So, you can generally expect your Moka Pot to start gurgling between 3 and 5 minutes. But keep in mind, it’s better to get your Moka Pot off the heat right before the gurgling starts.

when to take Moka pot off of heat

Can I Leave My Moka Pot On The Stove After Brewing?

After your coffee is done brewing, you may be tempted to turn off the heat and leave your Moka Pot on the stove while you grab milk, sugar, or whatever else you need.

Don’t do this.

Even after you’ve turned off the heat, the eye on your stove will retain enough energy to keep brewing your coffee.

So, even though the gurgling has subsided, your coffee can still become burnt and bitter if left on the stove.

Cool Down Your Moka Pot After Brewing

Even after removing your Moka Pot from the heat, it will still be hot so your coffee may continue to brew and undergo changes.

Also, the Moka Pot’s internal pressure won’t immediately drop down to normal. So, there may still be enough pressure to push over-extracted coffee up into the top chamber.

To quickly reduce the Moka Pot’s heat and internal pressure, run cool water over the bottom chamber. Alternatively, you can wrap the bottom of the Moka Pot in a cold towel.

(Personally, I prefer running it in cool water. Just be careful not to get water in your coffee!)

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What Happens If I Take The Moka Pot Off The Heat Too Soon?

In an effort to remove your Moka Pot from the heat at the right moment, you may end up taking it off too soon. The results of this depend on how soon you remove the coffee maker.

Most likely you’ll remove the Moka Pot from the heat a few seconds before it begins gurgling. This won’t create any problems as most of the coffee will already be brewed.

On the other hand, if you remove your Moka Pot way too soon, the coffee you get will probably be under-extracted.

The reason is that the first bit of coffee that gets brewed is below the ideal temperature of 195°F. The longer the coffee brews, the hotter the temperature gets and the better the extraction.

But by cutting the brew short, you’ll get more of the under-extracted coffee.

Key Takeaways

When your Moka Pot starts gurgling, take it off the heat. But ideally, you’ll remove the Moka Pot right before the gurgling starts.

Some methods of making sure your coffee don’t get burnt are to:

  • Lift the Moka Pot a few centimeters above the heat source for the last few moments of brewing
  • Allow your Moka Pot to brew on the very edge of the heat source
  • Once the coffee starts coming out, turn off the heat and allow the coffee to continue brewing

And remember, it’s always better to remove your Moka Pot a few seconds too soon than a few seconds too late!

Cheers Coffee Lovers!

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