Does Cold Brew Break A Fast? Things To Consider!

Does Cold Brew break a fast?

If you’re into the fasting lifestyle but don’t want to give up your coffee, you may be wondering if cold brew will break a fast.

Generally, cold-brewed coffee does not break a fast. Coffee that’s drunk black without sugar or milk has between two and five calories. This amount of calories is not enough to cause any metabolic reaction. Also, if you’re on a keto diet, coffee lacks carbs which means it won’t break a keto diet.

However, there are other types of fasts besides keto and simple calorie restriction. These fasts may be broken even if you drink cold-brew coffee. To learn more about what types of fasts are broken by coffee keep reading!

Does Cold Brew Coffee Break A Fast?

Cold brew coffee typically doesn’t break a fast. But this is only true if you drink it black.

However, there are different types of fasts, and depending on which type you’re doing, cold brew coffee may or may not break it.

Fasts usually fall into one of four different categories:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Fasting for metabolic benefits
  • Keto fasting
  • Religious fasts

Let’s quickly go through each one of these fasts and see how cold brew coffee affects them!

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Intermittent Fasting

The purpose of an intermittent fast is to restrict yourself to a specific feeding window. This could be done for two general reasons.

Either you’re doing intermittent fasting for calorie restriction or for metabolic benefits.

If you’re restricting your calories then drinking cold brew coffee (black coffee only!) won’t pose an issue since it only contains between 2 and 5 calories per cup depending on the brand you pick.

However, if you’re doing intermittent fasting for metabolic reasons, there’s plenty of research out there that shows coffee actually has several metabolic benefits if you drink it during your fasting window. (We’ll talk more about this below!)

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Fasts For Metabolic Benefits

If you’re fasting for metabolic benefits you can drink cold brew coffee without breaking your fast.

In fact, there are several known benefits to drinking black coffee during your fast.

First, cold brew coffee contains caffeine which will increase your metabolic rate and help you burn more calories.

Second, caffeine also stimulates your nervous system which helps to mobilize and break down fat. (Link goes to

Additionally, there has been research done that suggests that consuming coffee can help induce autophagy. (Research paper available at the National Library of Medicine).

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Keto Diets

While keto itself isn’t really a fast, many people implement keto with intermittent fasting. If this is you, know that cold brew coffee won’t break your keto diet.

In fact, the keto diet provides you with a lot more options for your coffee since you can add heavy cream, stevia, or even butter.

As long as you don’t add too many carbs or sugars cold brew coffee will not break your keto diet.

Religious Fasts

In the case of religious fasting, the purpose is usually to deprive yourself for spiritual reasons. If you’re doing this type of fast, drinking coffee would definitely break it.

One exception might be if you’re specially allowed to consume certain foods and drinks during your religious fast.

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What Can You Add To Your Cold Brew That Won’t Break A Fast?

We’ve briefly mentioned this before, but the type of fast you’re doing will determine what you can add to your coffee.

What Can I Add To Cold Brew During An Intermittent Fast?

If you’re doing intermittent fasting, the purpose is usually to restrict your calories for a specific amount of time. In this case, drinking it black or even adding some stevia will be fine. However, if you add sugar, milk, or anything else with a moderate amount of calories, you might be breaking your fast.

Does Cold Brew coffee break a fast
Adding Cream To Cold Brew Coffee

What Can I Add To Cold Brew While Fasting For Metabolic Benefits?

If you’re fasting for metabolic benefits, you should avoid adding anything to your coffee. This means no sugars or sweeteners, creamers, or milk. However, you may be able to add herbs or spices as some are known to have metabolic benefits.

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What Can I Add To Cold Brew While On A Keto Diet?

Keto isn’t a fast, so it’s less restrictive than intermittent fasting. If you’re doing keto you can drink your cold brew black for sure, but you can also add stevia, heavy cream, or butter (for bulletproof coffee).

And while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, you could also add a bit of sugar or milk depending on your carb count for the day.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cold Brew Coffee While Fasting?

There are several benefits to drinking cold brew coffee during a fast.

  • Cold brew coffee contains caffeine, which helps mobilize and break down fat tissue in the body
  • Cold brew coffee helps induce autophagy, which is why black coffee is a popular drink for those looking for metabolic benefits
  • The caffeine in cold brew coffee also suppresses your appetite which can make fasting easier.
  • Cold brew coffee contains antioxidants
  • There’s also evidence that suggests coffee can improve brain function and blood sugar. (Link goes to

Cold Brew Coffee
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Is Cold Brew Better Than Regular Coffee While Fasting?

There are a few reasons why cold brew coffee is better than regular coffee during a fast.

First, cold brew contains less oil than regular coffee. These oils have all the acid, bitterness, and negative effects associated with coffee.

Also since cold brew has less acid, it’s much easier on your stomach when you’re fasting.

Cold brew coffee also contains more caffeine than regular coffee. Caffeine helps to mobilize and burn fat (which is often the main reason people fast!)

Finally, cold brew coffee contains more antioxidants and beneficial compounds than regular coffee. While regular coffee does contain some, the heat used during the brewing process destroys many of the benefits.

Does Cold Brew Break A Fast?- Key Takeaways:

  • In general, drinking cold-brew coffee will not break a fast
  • There are several different types of fasts, but most will allow drinking coffee
  • Cold brew has several benefits if you’re fasting for fat loss or metabolic reasons
  • Cold brew coffee is more beneficial than regular coffee while fasting

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