Does Espresso Break A Fast? Must Know Facts!

Does espresso break a fast?

If you’re into fasting but can’t start the day without your morning coffee, you may be wondering if espresso will break a fast.

In general, espresso or black coffee will not break a fast. Although espresso contains a small number of calories, it does not contain enough nutrients to cause significant metabolic change and break a fast. However, a fast will be disrupted by adding milk, cream, or sugar to your espresso.

But keep in mind that not every fast is done for metabolic reasons. And depending on the purpose of the fast, even an espresso may break it.

To learn more about how coffee can affect your fast, keep reading!

Does Espresso Break A Fast?

Generally, espresso won’t break a fast that’s done for metabolic reasons, like intermittent fasting.

Since espresso contains very few calories as well as insignificant amounts of fat, carbs, and proteins, it won’t change your metabolic status, disrupt fat-burning or raise your insulin levels.

However, not every fast is done for weight loss. And depending on why you’re fasting, espresso or black coffee could break it.

Let’s quickly talk about a few of these fasts and see if they apply to you.

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Whether Coffee Will Break A Fast Depends On The Type Of Fast

There are a few primary reasons people fast:

  • Health or metabolic reasons
  • Ethical and moral reasons,
  • Spiritual and religious reasons

Each of these can be broken down into more precise reasons, but those are the main motives you’ll hear about.

If you’re fasting for moral or religious reasons, and the goal is to avoid all food or drink for a set period of time, the answer here is pretty straightforward.

Drinking espresso will break your fast.

However, if your goal is health-oriented, the answer is more nuanced.

Let’s take a closer look and see how coffee affects a fast that’s being done for health reasons.

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Espresso Or Black Coffee Won’t Disrupt Health-Related Fasts

Drinking espresso or black coffee won’t disrupt the processes that lead to fat loss, low insulin levels, ketone production, or autophagy. (Links go to Medical News Today.)

So rest assured that your espresso won’t break your fast if those are your goals.

Without getting too technical, the simple reason is that the fasting benefits mentioned above are the result of low-calorie intake, low-nutrient intake, and low-sugar intake.

And since espresso and black coffee doesn’t contain sugar, carbs, fats, or proteins, it won’t affect these processes.

In fact, there are studies that show coffee can actually make fasting more effective! But we’ll discuss that more below.

Does espresso Break fast?

Will Add Cream Or Milk To Coffee Break A Fast?

Adding even small amounts of dairy to your espresso will break your fast.

The reason is that milk and cream have a high amount of calories. So, if you’re abstaining from calories in order to keep your metabolism in a fasted state, you’ll want to avoid dairy.

You may sometimes hear that a little dairy won’t break a fast. This claim is typically made because small amounts of cream and milk won’t raise your blood sugar or kick you out of fat-burning mode.

Essentially, this claim conflates the keto diet (which burns fat) with fasting (which also burns fat).

However, the two are very different and just because you’re still burning fat, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re still in a fasted state.

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What Else Can I Put In Coffee That Won’t Break A Fast?

If you’re not used to drinking espresso or black coffee there are a few things you can add to your coffee without worrying about breaking a fast.

  • Natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol can be added to coffee
  • Spices like cinnamon, cocoa powder, or nutmeg can be added to your coffee as well

However, oils like coconut, peppermint, or MCT oil shouldn’t be added as they contain calories and will break your fast.

Does espresso break fast?

Do Flavored Coffees Break A Fast?

Generally, flavored coffee beans will not break a fast. However, coffees that are flavored with syrups and sauces will break a fast.

Keep in mind that there are two different types of flavored coffees.

  • coffee beans that are infused with flavors
  • brewed coffee that has added flavors

Coffee beans that are infused with flavors are typically soaked in flavors before they’re roasted. The result is a coffee that has additional flavors but doesn’t have additional calories or nutrients.

So, these flavored beans shouldn’t disrupt your fast any more than unflavored coffee.

By comparison, brewed coffee that has added flavors should typically be avoided if you’re fasting. Any syrups, sauces, or other flavors will usually add extra sugars, nutrients, or chemicals that will have an effect on your metabolic state.

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Will The Calories In Coffee Break A Fast?

The calories in espresso or coffee will not break a fast.

You may have wondered about this because fasting is technically abstaining from all calories, but an espresso or black coffee does contain about 3-4 calories.

Since it contains such a small number of calories and nutrients, an espresso will not affect your metabolic state. And the compounds found in coffee will actually enhance the benefits that come from fasting!

So, if you’re fasting for religious reasons, sure, an espresso will break a fast. But if you’re fasting to rest your digestive system, maintain your metabolic status, or for health benefits, the calories in an espresso won’t be a problem.

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Drinking Espresso Can Make Fasting More Effective

As you may know, there are several benefits to fasting (Link to And rather than breaking your fast, drinking espresso can actually make your fast more effective.

According to HealthLine, there’s some evidence that coffee consumption while fasting can enhance brain health, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, and reduce inflation.

There are also studies that suggest coffee may increase autophagy, which is one of the big reasons people fast nowadays. (Check out the study on the National Library of Medicine.)

Additionally coffee acts as an appetite suppressant, which can make your fast much easier to get through.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are different types of fasts out there. The purpose of your fast will determine whether espresso will break it.
  • Espresso and black coffee will not change your metabolic state and will not break a fast
  • Adding cream or milk to your espresso will disrupt a fast
  • Stevia, xylitol, and spices can be added to coffee without breaking a fast
  • Drinking black coffee or espresso can enhance the health benefits of fasting

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