Moka Pot Size Guide (What Size Moka Pot Do I Need?)

Moka Pots come in different shapes and sizes. But how do you know which Moka Pot size is right for you and your kitchen?

Generally, a Moka Pot’s cup size should match the number of people sharing the coffee. For example, a 3-cup Moka Pot should be used when making coffee for three people. But, keep in mind that a Moka Pot cup is about 2 oz, so if you prefer larger cups of coffee, it will reduce the servings available.

Taking this into account, you should get a Moka Pot that’s large enough to serve every coffee drinker in your house. But what are the different Moka Pot sizes available?

And what should you do if you need to prepare coffee for more or less people than usual?

Keep reading to find out!

What Are The Different Sizes Of Moka Pots

Bialetti is the original inventor of the Moka Pot and their classic brewer comes in 5 different sizes.

Moka Pot SizesSize in mL (Ounces)Image
Bialetti Moka Pot Express – 1 cup60 mL (2 oz)
Bialetti Moka Pot Express – 3 cup130 mL (4.4 oz)
Bialetti Moka Pot Express – 6 cup300 mL (10oz)
Bialetti Moka Pot Express – 9 cup420 mL (14 oz)
Bialetti Moka Pot Express – 12 cup775 mL (25 oz)
Bialetti Moka Pot Sizes

However, Bialetti also sells a Brikka version of their Moka Pot that comes in two different sizes. Contrary to the classic Moka Pot, the Brikka has a pressure valve embedded that increases the pressure created inside the Moka Pot.

This increased pressure makes the coffee more foamy and intense.

Moka Pot SizeSize in mL (Ounces)Image
Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot – 2 cup100 mL (3.38 oz)
Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot – 4 cup5.7 oz
Bialetti Moka Pot Sizes

Besides Bialetti, there are several other Moka Pot brands available. Some of these brands, such as Zulay Kitchen or Grosche, have sizes that Bialetti doesn’t have the 5-cup Moka Pot or 10-cup Moka Pot.

So, which sizes are available? Pretty much any size you want! But if Bialetti doesn’t have the size you want, you may have to find another brand that does.

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Why Does Moka Pot Size Matter?

It’s important to choose the right Moka Pot size because of 2 factors.

  • to brew the best coffee, a Moka Pot should be filled to capacity.
  • it’s best to drink Moka Pot coffee within minutes after brewing.

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Moka Pots Should Be Filled To Capacity

Moka Pots are designed to have the correct water-to-coffee ratio. So, filling it to capacity will give you the best brewing results.

This is why choosing the correct Moka Pot size for yourself is so important; because you’ll have to brew the same amount every time you want a cup of coffee.

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It’s Best To Drink Your Coffee Fresh

By choosing the correct size Moka Pot, you’ll ensure that you brew the perfect amount of coffee every time.

By contrast, if you get a Moka Pot that’s too big, you’ll constantly end up with extra coffee. And coffee loses much of its flavor minutes after brewing, so you’ll either end up throwing it out or drinking a lot of inferior coffee.

Moka pot size
Moka Pot Brewing Coffee

Can You Buy A Large Moka Pot And Make Smaller Amounts Of Coffee With It?

A Moka Pot should be filled to capacity for every brew. Filling it halfway will result in uneven extraction, a lower brew temperature, and a larger portion of the water remaining in the Moka Pot.

(If you want to read more about this, take a look at our post “Can You Half Fill A Moka Pot?“)

However, no matter which size Moka Pot you buy, it won’t work for all situations. For example, a 6-cup Moka Pot may be perfect for you and your family, but what happens if you’re the only one that wants coffee?

When that happens, you’ll either drink way more coffee than you should, or you’ll have leftover coffee.

Instead of trying to brew small amounts of coffee in a large Moka Pot, the best option is to buy a smaller Moka Pot.

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How To Pick The Right Moka Pot Size For Me?

In general, I’d recommend a 6-cup Moka Pot for couples that like multiple servings of coffee. For a single person, a 3-cup Moka Pot should work well.

Personally, we have a 6-cup Moka Pot for two people. And we always have some leftover because we add a lot of milk and don’t like the coffee too strong.

If you want to figure out which size will work best for you, there are a few questions you’ll need to consider.

  • How many cups of espresso-style coffee will my household drink daily?
  • Do you drink multiple cups of coffee in a short amount of time?
  • How strong do you like your Moka Pot coffee?
  • Do you prepare coffee for everyone at the same time or do people in your house prepare their own coffee?

By considering the habits of the coffee drinkers in your house, you should be able to choose the perfect size of Moka Pot.

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How Can I Tell What My Moka Pot Size Is?

You may have gotten a Moka Pot from family or friends and you’re not quite sure what size it is.

To figure it out, take your Moka Pot’s bottom chamber and fill it with water up to the safety valve. Then pour the water from your Moka Pot into a measuring cup to see how many ounces there are.

  • 2 oz of water = 1 cup Moka Pot
  • 6 oz of water = 3 cup Moka Pot
  • 12 oz of water = 6 cup Moka Pot
  • 18 oz of water = 9 cup Moka Pot

So, as a general rule, every 2 oz of water equals 1 Moka Pot “cup”.

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What Can You Do With Leftover Coffee?

Despite your best efforts, there may be times when you end up with extra Moka Pot coffee. Either your Moka Pot was too big, or fewer people drank coffee than you anticipated.

If this happens, don’t leave your coffee sitting out. Your best option is to seal it and store it in the fridge for later.

And while the coffee won’t be as fresh, it will still be good.

(To read more about this, check out our post “Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Fridge?“)

Moka Pot Sizes-Key Takeaways

  • One Moka Pot cup is about the same as one espresso-sized coffee
  • Choosing the right size Moka Pot is important because you have to brew a full pot every time
  • Bialetti is the most popular brand and their classic Moka Pot comes in 5 sized

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